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Childhood might be your ‘formative years’, but that doesn’t mean it should be simply the dress-rehearsal for a ‘real-life’ to come.

Our students live in the now, deciding what they can do to make change happen - today. Through our innovative futurEDUcation curriculum, all students engage in real projects during which their performances have a genuine impact .

futurEDUcation provides a safe and inspiring environment for students to try out their ideas. We celebrate constructive failure, recognising that the path to the summit rarely follows a direct course; every challenge overcome makes us stronger as we journey towards our lofty goals. Our supportive and caring community ensures that students learn from their mistakes and benefit from the collective wisdom of our network.

We assess the breadth of each student’s imagination, the rigour of challenges they accept, the adventurousness of their journey, the extent to which their projects succeed, and the quality of performances they give along the way.